Philanthropy, Humility, & “Goodwillingness”

My life’s purpose is to help others achieve their own life’s purpose. In my ideal world, everyone else’s purpose would be the same. Each one of us would be the responsibility of, and responsible for, the other. Only one universal end would exist, and the only means of achieving it would be altruism.

Philanthropy & Community Involvement
  • Goodwillingmiss, Goodwillingness (current)
  • Facilitator, Escuela De Futbol Tres Equis (current)
  • Operator, Reach Out Costa Rica Travel Philanthropy Project
  • Green Alliance Member, Save The Turtles
  • Volunteer, Working Against Youth Violence Everywhere
  • Committee Member & Orientation Leader, University Orientation     
  • Vice-President, University Residence Council      
  • Program Creator & Facilitator, Youth School and Community Violence Prevention Program   
  • Tree Planter, Provincial Conservation Area Environmental Research
  • Program Organizer, Over 55 Seniors’ Organization
  • Co-Chairperson, Pride & Respect Committee
Humility & “Goodwillingness”

My personal mantra is grounded in humility.

With every step I take, I aim to walk with humility; constantly aware of my position in accordance to everything else, humbly accepting that position for whatever it is, and proudly accepting the positions of everyone else. My foot tattoos (humility and its Spanish-equivalent, humildad) are constant reminders to walk through life with these beliefs in mind.

For years, I was put off by the fact that the word humility is a noun; something to obtain, and void of the necessary action required to obtain it. Someone I admire greatly once suggested that offerings of goodwill are gifts of humility. Hearing this helped me create the verb that was missing from my purpose: “goodwillingness.”

Shortly after, I developed my alter ego: The Goodwillingmiss. My website Goodwillingness is an ongoing self-empowerment project that documents daily examples of goodwill and my willingness to allow them to accomplish change in myself and others. Unlike most other projects on my plate which are primarily educative in purpose and reader-driven, Goodwillingness is both a promise made and a gift awarded to myself. And yes, to validate those of you who caught wind of the trend, it is another excuse for me to sit down and write.