“Nikki is focused and reliable. No matter how many buffet items are available to choose from, she always makes me a priority. After she has bypassed the salad bar, maneuvered her way around the meat carving station, and dodged the desserts, she finds me. One determined diner, Nikki leaves no dollop disregarded, no spoonful spared. Like “Starch”ky and Hutch, we compliment and comfort each other splendidly; I, through the fulfillment of my purpose as a tasty and satiating tuber, and she, the hospitable and hungry invitee of my complex carbohydrates.”

The Perfect Helping Of Mashed Potatoes

“Nikki is friendly and hardworking. Make no bones about it. She washes me when I’m stinky, walks me when I’m feisty, and plays with me until my legs give out and I give up. She cares for my well-being and loves me unconditionally, even though I rightfully deserve my assumed nickname: “troublemaker”. No matter how much chaos I have caused in the house or how busy her schedule is, she always spoils me with homemade treats and belly rubs. She is a unique breed; confident and assertive, yet supportive and kind. “Paw”sitively, she’s this dog’s best friend.

A Spoiled And Faithful Companion